Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laminate isn't dead.

Laminate is alive and well! Today's advertising market would have you believe that granite and quartz surfaces are the only materials to use for your counter tops. While granite and quartz are excellent options they will not always fit into every persons budget. Laminate counter tops are cost effective and good looking. Whether you are looking for a solid color, a patterned design, or the look of natural stone, we have what you need. Advances in laminate counter top materials and building methods have made it possible for us to provide our customers with fashionable, well designed tops for a fraction of the price of stone.
Major laminate makers have designed new finishes that give a simulated stone look. Formica offers an "Etching" finish that mimics the pits and fissures seen in real granite as well as a "honed" finish that looks and feels like real slate. Wilsonart makes a "High Definition" finish that provides superior durability with the look of exotic granite and a satin finish that feels like polished soap stone.  

Here are some advantages to choosing laminate over other counter surfaces:
1. There are literally hundreds of color choices. All laminate manufacturers offer a wide range of colors from the basic white, almond, and off-white to Butter Rum Granite (medium brown granite color) and Bella Noche (light brown granite color with hints of a blue hue).

2. Flexibility of edge profile.
We offer a wide range of edge profiles in laminate. We can supply edge details from the builders grade/ economy line all the way to Roman Ogee and Bevel Edge profile. We can also provide your top with a contoured back splash. This means the splash is one piece with the top. This is not an option with stone.

3. Affordability
Today's styles are always changing. If you want you could change out a laminate kitchen 3 times for the cost of 1 stone kitchen. If you are trying to sell your home changing your tops to update the look of your kitchen or bath it might just make the sale.

Come and see us today at our full service showroom and let one of our staff help you pick out a laminate top to bring your room to life.

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